18K Gold Edge Tungsten SKU:00136Zoom

18K Gold Edge Tungsten SKU:00136

Item# SKU00136
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Tungsten Wedding Ring

Condition: Brand New
Unit Of Item: 1 piece
Base: Tungsten Carbide
Total Width: 8 mm
Design 18k Gold Edge
Plating: 18k Yellow Gold Plated
Finish: Matte Finish and Gold plated on each side
Cobalt Free Completely Hypoallergenic

Imagine wearing a ring that never needs polishing, which is virtually scratch proof. Tungsten carbide rings are the future.

Our Tungsten carbide rings rugged looks and modern design is perfect for wedding band and everyday use.

Tungsten carbide is 4 times harder than titanium. Mohs scale of mineral hardness rating is between 8 and 9 following diamond's rating of 10. Tungsten Carbide is so hard that makes it impossible to engraved.

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